January 2014 Travels in Martinique

IMG_3950Hi, everybody. This is our new Travel Blog Website. Congratulations. You found it.

I plan to use this website to document, in pictures and a few words, our recent visit to Martinique. That is Mount Pelée in the photo.

I hope you will find it easy to navigate this blog. Here are a couple of hints.

1. Each “post” contains several small photos. Clicking any photo will bring it up “full-screen”.

2. By the time you read this blog, it will contain half-a-dozen “posts” or more. The best way to see them all is to go over to the right of the screen and select “Archive” -> “Feb 2014”.

3. You can read the blogs in any order. They are not “sorted” in any way. More like a handful of electronic postcards.

At least to begin with, I plan to add new “posts” more or less at random, mainly by selecting a few related photos from the several hundred that Jana and I took. Mostly, each “post” will focus on one place that we visited … or where we stayed.

I plan to put a place name at the top of each post. If, like me, you need to know where a place is, you should be able to find most of these places easily using Google Maps.

As I write the first draft of this “post”, I have been using “WordPress” for just a few hours … so do not be surprised if some of these early posts look a bit rough round the edges. I am pretty sure that I will be able to clean them up once I get more practice.

Feedback is welcome, if only to say that you managed to access this blog and see a few of the pictures. The best way to provide feedback is via a simple e-mail.

Once I have written a few posts about Martinique, I plan to do the same for our visit to Saint Lucia.


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