To the North Atlantic


We drove across the island from Saint Pierre, passing through Le Morne Rouge to the South of Mt. Pelée. It was more than a bit strange to see signs “to the North Atlantic” but we were indeed on the Atlantic coast. And we did drive to the northernmost place on that coast, a little town called Grand-Rivière. This was a pretty trip. The Atlantic coast has lots of banana plantations. The road gets progressively narrower as you approach its end at Grand-Rivière. Despite its location, the town was quite active. The church is called Eglise Sainte-Catherine and the main restaurant in town is Chez Tante Arlette. We decided not to eat there … which might have been a mistake, because adventures including a closed road later in the day resulted in our not eating at all until we got back to our hotel in Saint Pierre that afternoon and bought a take-away pizza in the evening.IMG_3898 IMG_3903 IMG_3905 IMG_3938IMG_3919


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