Farewell to Martinique


These twenty posts provide a good sampling of the photos that Jana and I took during our two weeks on Martinique. We had a great time and will be very happy if we get a chance to go back there. The island is small enough, and the roads good enough, that there is no real need to stay in several different locations. I think that, if we go back, we will try to find an apartment for two weeks in or near Sainte Anne or Le Marin. It would indeed be a long drive from there directly to the North of the island but, having “done that” on this trip, I doubt if we will visit Saint-Pierre or Grand’Rivière again. Getting to Martinique via Saint Lucia worked out O.K. but, next time, we might explore the feasibility of going via Antigua or Saint Martin, both of which have direct flights from New York City. It rained quite frequently while we were there but this never really spoiled anything. People we met  told us that March is a drier month.

Soon, I will add a few posts from our stay on Saint Lucia.

Before I sign-off, a few words about “WordPress”. It does take a bit of practice and experimentation to figure out how it all works. But overall, the process of creating, editing and publishing a blog using this tool is about as easy as it could possibly be. It seems to be completely free and I hope that you are not seeing too many advertisements. I think that I have merely scratched the surface of this tool. But for my needs, it seems to work just fine.

Here is our little rental car. Bye for now. Back in a day or two.



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