Apartment Espoir

Between Castries City and Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

We spent our last four nights on Saint Lucia in a studio at Apartment Espoir. We liked it so much that we wrote a Tripadvisor review, which I will copy here below the photos.

We really enjoyed our stay at Apartment Espoir. The studio was small but well designed and equipped. The view was great. Cheeky little blackbirds joined us for breakfast on our terrace. The pool is tiny but we usually had it to ourselves. The location was superb. It is a short walk down to the shore and then another short walk along the beach to the very nice Windjammer Resort. They welcome “walk-ins” and we ate there a couple of times.

It is also very easy to get from the apartment to Rodney Bay, so we ate there several times. We found that the meals available in Rodney Bay were at least as good as the restaurant meals we enjoyed on Martinique. And with a wider choice of cuisine. We ate at Spice of India and at Tapas on the Bay, which has a great location, right on the marina-lagoon.

For our last meal on Saint Lucia, we had dinner at La Terrasse, which is also in Rodney Bay. Both the food and the service there were excellent. You won’t find La Terrasse on Google Maps but you will find reviews in Tripadvisor. While La Terrasse is primarily a restaurant, it does have a few B&B rooms, so this would be a possible alternative to Apartment Espoir if we ever come back to Saint Lucia and find ourselves “waiting for a plane to Martinique”.

IMG_0911IMG_0930IMG_0934IMG_0948Here, if you are interested, is the review we posted on Tripadvisor.

“A Convenient Location with a Super View”
5 of 5 stars

When we stay at places with lots of recent reviews on Tripadvisor, and when we agree with those reviews, we usually do not bother to write our own review, as there seems little to add. But this place, and Keith and Sabine who run it, are so special that it is hard to resist adding our own thoughts.

This was our first visit to Saint Lucia, so perhaps a few notes for other first-time visitors might be helpful.

Before coming here, we stayed for a couple of nights at the Auberge Seraphine in Castries City, which we chose mainly because it is “in the city” and pretty much sits at the end of the Castries Airport runway. (We were on our way to Martinique and back.) Auberge Seraphine is a perfectly nice hotel. But I think that, if we visit Saint Lucia again, we will come straight to Apartment Espoir.

When we made our reservation, we were a little concerned about Apartment Espoir’s “off the main road and not in town” location. So let me explain …

If you stay at the Auberge Seraphine (or if you can find another hotel in Castries City) you will still have a short taxi-ride to or from Castries airport. To get to Apartment Espoir takes just an extra five or ten minutes, and a very few extra dollars.

Once you are here, you have several choices, especially for eating. In Castries City, we found very few places to eat.

A five or ten minute walk from the apartment brings you to the main road where, for a couple of EC dollars you can catch the local bus into Rodney Bay, which has a dozen or more restaurants to choose from.

You have well equipped cooking facilities here and two very decent supermarkets in Rodney Bay.

If you do not feel like carrying groceries, a taxi from Rodney Bay will cost you EC$30 which is less than US$15.

Catch the bus the other way and you will soon be in downtown Castries.

And if the thought of all those buses and taxis tires you, you can walk down from your apartment to the beach and head along the beach to the Windjammer Landing Resort, where they really will welcome you and sell you a very decent meal at a reasonable price in any one of their many restaurants. And you can smile a lot because the Apartment Espoir is much, much cheaper than staying at The Windjammer Resort. So buy yourself a bottle of champagne at the supermarket in Rodney Bay, sit on your private balcony or by the pool, and enjoy the view.

If you are flying in to the big airport at the South of Saint Lucia, Keith will be happy to arrange a taxi to pick you up and drive you directly to Apartment Espoir. You will get to see a large part of the island. This trip takes about 90 minutes or a bit more when there is heavy traffic.

Apartment Espoir really is very close to paradise.


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