Farewell to Saint Lucia

Stairs, Steps & Balconies at the Apartment Espoir

This, I think, will be our last “post” about Saint Lucia.

All of the dozen or so apartments (apart from the pool-side cottage) are housed in a single building located on a very steep hillside. Every apartment has its own entrance, which requires a bewildering variety of stairs and steps. The owners live on the top floor. Their open-sided apartment on the top floor, with a quite amazing view, is reached via a bridge.

We enjoyed our time on Saint Lucia but I am not sure if we will return. Martinique was great and we would love to go back there but the two airports on Saint Lucia, a ninety minute taxi-ride apart, means that Saint Lucia is probably not the most convenient route from New York City to Martinique.

We saw only a couple of the beaches on Saint Lucia and these, while technically open to the public, were very much set-up as “hotel beaches”. Given a choice, we prefer less commercialized beaches like the ones on Eleuthera and Anguilla, or even the enormous, popular and near picture-perfect beach at Les Salines on Martinique, which does indeed have restaurants, beer-shacks and parking-lots … but all more-or-less hidden under a perfect kilometer-long arc of palm trees.

Bye for now. I may add an extra “post” or two if we find extra photos that we want to post. I plan to “re-open” this blog when Jana and I go on our next trip.



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