We Are Heading Back to Saint Martin & Anguilla

Hi, guys.

I am writing this entry on November 19, 2014. In January, Jana & I are flying to the Caribbean for our second visit to Saint Martin. We visited there for the first time in February, 2009. This time, we will be spending three weeks in the Caribbean, splitting our time (like we did last time) between Saint Martin and the nearby island of Anguilla.

While we are there, I plan to write a blog. This first blog-entry is a “preview”. During the next few weeks, I plan to write a few notes about the two islands and our plans for this vacation. I will probably include a few photos … like the one below … from our 2009 vacation.

Wind Surfers on the Lagoon behind Orient Beach

On our first visit to Saint Martin and Anguilla, I did my usual planning, using both conventional travel guide-books and the internet … but there were still quite a few surprises, most of them good. This time round, we feel that we know both islands quite well. So we have made quite deliberate decisions about where we will be staying and how we will get around. We have reservations in a total of four places … two on each island.

Once we are in the Caribbean, the blog will simply provide a convenient way of sharing notes and photos with friends and family. After we get back, I will probably edit the material and turn it into a simple book, with lots of photos.

More to follow … in a day or three … 🙂


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