By Ferry to Anguilla

On our first trip to Anguilla in 2009, we caught a ferry from near Princess Juliana Airport (on the Dutch side of the island). This ferry traveled through Simpson Bay before heading out into the ocean through the bridge at “Sandy Ground”. But most ferries to Anguilla leave from Marigot. This is a much shorter trip, taking only 20 minutes or so. Boats leave Marigot every 45 minutes or so throughout daylight hours. This time around, we plan to catch one of these ferries.

There is quite a variety of ferry boats. My guess is that most of them hold 30 – 60 people. They are owned and operated by several different companies and I have no idea how this is organized. Perhaps you simply buy tickets “on the boat”.

Featured image

The price is US$15 each way. In addition, tourists get charged a departure tax of US$20 when leaving Saint Martin and US$5 when leaving Anguilla.

I think there are special deals for day-trips. Quite a few people take a day trip from Saint Martin to visit the quite spectacular beaches on Anguilla. And quite a few people take a day trip from Anguilla to Saint Martin to go shopping, either at the twice-weekly market in Marigot or at the French gourmet stores that you find in Marigot but not-so-much on Anguilla. This next photo was taken at the dock on Anguilla. The mountain in the background of the photo is Saint Martin.


On Anguilla, the ferry drops you off at Blowing Point. Here, you will find a taxi-stand and a liquor store as well as the little offices belonging to the ferry companies.


On our first trip to Anguilla, we stayed in an apartment right in Blowing Point and found that it was “one stop shopping”. The family that rented us the apartment runs one of the ferries as well as the liquor store. And we rented our car from the son-in-law. This next photo was taken from our apartment balcony. Once again, that is Saint Martin just a few miles away.


Also in Blowing Point, just a short walk from the dock, is the Ferryboat Inn, which is both a B&B and a restaurant. One local website claims that this place serves the best hamburgers on the island.


This aerial shot shows pretty much the whole of Blowing Point



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