Anguilla’s “Sandy Ground”

Without the internet, it would be almost impossible to research and book our vacations, given that we are not interested in simply booking into a posh resort for the duration. But even with the internet, planning a vacation is a bit like assembling a jigsaw puzzle for which you have to begin by searching for each individual piece of the puzzle.

For our coming trip to Saint Martin and Anguilla, we managed to book a place to stay for a week in Marigot (using Airbnb for the first time) and then a second week at a place on Anguilla. But there was a one-day gap between these two reservations and neither place could extend our stay to cover the one day gap.

So we need a place to stay for one night when we arrive on Anguilla. I managed to find a very reasonably priced place called “Sydan’s”, in Sandy Ground.

Anguilla is a peaceful island without much in the way of nightlife (which is fine by us). If there is a “party central” place on Anguilla, it would be Sandy Ground. But this is still a very laid back place. It is a half mile strip of sand between the ocean and a big salt pond. It is home to half a dozen small restaurants and beach bars, as well as several small places, including Sydan’s, where you can rent a room or an apartment.

As you can see, the waterfront is backed by a steep hillside with a row of villas overlooking the beach and anchorage.


On our first trip to the island, we enjoyed a meal at Roy’s Bayside Grill which, as you can see from the photo, caters to visiting boats by monitoring Channel 16 on the marine radio.



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