Grand Case

After a week on Anguilla, we plan to catch the ferry back to Saint Martin and we will then be staying in Grand Case for four nights before catching the plane back home.

Grand Case is a unique town. It consists essentially of a two-kilometer oceanfront road with quite literally dozens of restaurants, most of which are between the road and the beach, so that their dining rooms either look out over the ocean or, in some cases, are quite literally set up on the beach itself.

There is a cluster of open-air barbecue places in the middle of town.


The more conventional restaurants offer a very wide variety of menus, at widely varying prices. There are numerous direct flights from Europe to Saint Martin each day, so a lot of the food that is served in the restaurants arrives by air … and is priced accordingly. But this does mean that Grand Case has one of the best selections of restaurants in the Caribbean. Even better, I think, than we found anywhere on Martinique.

Certainly, the ability to walk down a two kilometer beach-side road and choose from dozens of restaurants makes the place pretty special. TripAdvisor currently lists 57 restaurants in Grand Case.

There is one big resort at the north end of the beach and a small selection of other places to stay. We found a little two-room B&B via the website “homeaway”. This B&B is within walking distance of the waterfront and has its own little infinity pool, with a view out over the bay. If it is possible, this final leg of our trip should be even more relaxed than the rest of our vacation. We will have a small refrigerator but no kitchen, so we will have to eat all our meals out. Oh, the pain … 🙂


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