But Somebody Has To Do It

Jana and I are in Marigot, the little capital city of the French half of Saint Martin. For the next week, we have rented a studio apartment that is ten minutes walk from the center of Marigot and no minutes walk from the beach. There is a door from “our” apartment building straight on to the beach.

The apartment is on the top floor, up two flights of stairs with a little balcony that overlooks the anchorage and provides a distant view of Anguilla.
This is my first blog-post from Saint Martin. But, if you like to scroll back to earlier posts, you will find that I wrote several blog-posts in the past few weeks outlining our plans for this vacation. From here on, I will aim to post a blog every day or two. The actual blog-posts may be a little rough … they will mainly provide a way to introduce the photos … but hopefully they will give you some idea of what we are up to, day-to-day.

The temperature is in the 80’s and, when we are not sheltering from a tropical shower, it is sunny … 🙂



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