Tapas in the Tree Lounge

The highest point on Saint Martin is Pic Paradis with an elevation of 424 metres (1,391 feet). Part way up the Pic Paradis road … on the part of the road that does not require four-wheel drive … you will find Loterie Farm.

Loterie Farm is a very old farm that was destroyed by Hurricane Luis in 1995. It has since been developed with a variety of visitor attractions, including zip-lines, hiking trails and several restaurants.

The two main restaurants are positioned quite high above the ground, suspended amid the very tall palm trees.


Before lunch, we followed the shortest of the hiking trails, which still took us well over an hour. It is quite a climb but half way round you are rewarded with a quite spectacular view down to the ocean and across to Anguilla. The trail itself is minimally groomed and in places is very steep and strewn with enormous boulders that you have to scramble over.


We had lunch in the Tree Lounge. An extremely fresh-tasting sashimi-style seafood platter followed by chicken satay.


Lottery Farm is a good distance above sea-level. Together with the awnings and the breeze … or more accurately the gusty trade wind … the temperature was very pleasant, even at noon.

Yes, the records say that Loterie Farm was in fact won in a lottery by no other than one Richard Bailey in 1721. I have not yet checked to see whether I might have a claim … 🙂


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