We Visit the Butterfly Farm

There is a Butterfly Farm on one of the roads down to Orient Beach. We visited it the last time we were here and decided to do so again. The farm is a family-run place and is quite delightful. The place seems to get destroyed by hurricanes quite frequently … most recently by Hurricane Gonzalo last October … but they always manage to save at least some of the butterflies and then to rebuild the place. This time, we were told, everything was destroyed, including all the special plants that the butterflies live on.

A group from a cruise ship arrived soon after us but the owners were kind enough to provide us with our own personal guide who had much better eyesight than we do … and he of course knew the names and the country-of-origin of every butterfly and every plant.

Next Wednesday, we are catching the ferry to Anguilla … so, after visiting the Butterfly Farm, we drove to the airport and returned our car. We chose to rent the cheapest car available … one of the almost ubiquitous little Hyundai’s. I think it is the smallest four-door car I have ever driven but was perfectly adequate for our needs. One just has to get used to putting one’s foot flat on the floor to get up the steeper hills. For the island roads and the narrow streets of Marigot, a small car is a really good idea! For the next few days, we plan to discover how to live here without a car.



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