Arrival of the Catch of the Day

We are nicely settled in our comfortable, spacious, apartment in Island Harbour. The photos show “our” building and the view from our balcony.


Island Harbour is a little village located at the quieter … less touristy … East end of Anguilla. But nevertheless, it has three beach-bar-restaurants, all within a fifteen minute stroll from the apartment.

On Thursday … our first evening here … we stopped at “The Falcon Nest” and enjoyed a perfectly grilled and seasoned Wahoo Steak. The Falcon Nest is the most “local” of the three beach bars, situated right next to Island Harbour’s concrete dock.

Island Harbour is Anguilla’s main fishing port. We sat at the bar from 5:30 to 6:30 pm as the sun set and watched a procession of small fishing boats pull in to the dock. Cell-phones improve people’s lives in all sorts of unplanned ways!  … Soon after each boat arrived at the dock, a seriously beat-up car raced down the road and onto the dock. Many of these cars sport an impressive stereo-system advertising their arrival at full volume. The surprisingly large catch from each boat was loaded into the trunk of the car which promptly roared off down the road. Then the boat pulled out from the dock, to make way for the next one.

Meanwhile, The Falcon Nest’s stereo was playing Reggae versions of Bob Dylan and syncopated Kris Kristofferson. All the (very) old favorites with a different beat … 🙂

At noon today, we visited the Anguilla fish market, located in the middle of the island. The market was open but the display cases were totally empty. We were told “come back at 6pm”. On Thursday evening, Jana saw small boys on the dock trading with the fishermen and walking off with wriggling plastic bags containing what the locals call “red snapper”. Perhaps we will try to buy one for ourselves. But we do not have a barbecue and The Falcon Nest has the barbecue, the seasonings and the skill … 🙂

No photos of the waterfront yet. The dock is a five-minute stroll and we walk there with minimal possessions. And photography at sunset seems to work only before the second rum punch. Photos later, hopefully!


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