Hi, Friends … We Are Off to Mexico

MaleconJana & I are planning to spend a month in Mexico during January and February. Specifically, we plan to visit Puerto Vallarta and several small villages on the nearby coast.

The above photo is the famous Malecón, which runs for a kilometer or more in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

This blog-post is my first experiment in writing a blog that uses links. Hopefully, for example, this link will bring-up the Google Map for Puerto Vallarta, so that you can easily “explore” Puerto Vallarta and the other places we plan to visit.

Puerto Vallarta is located deep inside Banderas Bay …


Jana & I will be staying (for a few days each) in three places to the North of Puerto Vallarta. From North to South, they are …

  • San Francisco
  • Sayulita
  • Bucerias

These places are actually quite close together. The road trip from Puerto Vallarta to San Francisco is only 44 kilometers and should take under an hour.

We will also be staying in one place to the South of Puerto Vallarta, called Boca de Tomatlan. This place is so small that it does not show up on the above map, so the map below zooms in on the Southern part of the bay.


As you can see, the road turns inland at Boca de Tomatlan. Beyond this point, there is no coastline road although there are one or two small villages, such as Yelapa, which can be reached only by boat. This is our first visit to Mexico, so we were not quite brave enough to book accommodation in Yelapa. And besides, we are not sure how good the internet connection is there … 😃

In the coming days, I plan to publish more blog-posts describing our planned trip.

This blog-post, and the ones following, are going to be quite unconventional, because I am blogging “in advance” about the plan for our vacation. Once we get there, I plan to add normal “real time” blog-posts. It will be interesting to see how well real-life compares to our plans.


The photo at the top of this blog-post is from Entre Ríos Fluvial Vallarta.

Internet Links

Having decided to write these somewhat unconventional blog-posts, I am going to push the idea a bit further and also post links to the websites that I have found most useful while planning this vacation … and which I expect to use once we get there.

  • Puerto-Vallarta-dot-Net is a useful general guide to Puerto Vallarta and nearby places.
  • Zona Turística is an “all Mexico” hotel-booking website which also lists restaurants and other “travel things”. This website is very easy to navigate.
  • We have booked a car from Gecko Rent-a-Car, which comes highly recommended by several local residents and visitors.
  • Gecko Rent-a-Car provides a brilliant Gecko Travel Guide to Puerto Vallarta and the nearby coast.



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