Luxury Near Isla Cuale


The Pool at “Our” Hotel (Garlands del Rio)

Because this will be our first trip to Mexico, we decided to spend our first few nights in a conventional hotel in Puerto Vallarta, rather than renting a vacation-place via the internet and/or jumping in a car and heading up the coast as soon as we get off the plane.

We initially booked a nice-looking hotel near the Malecón in the middle of town. Having booked it on the internet (using hotels-dot-com, specifically), I immediately started getting a barrage of other offers for nearby … and not-so-nearby … hotels, most of which I ignored. But Tripadvisor is trying to get into the hotel-booking business and sent me an offer that was too good to resist.

So we now have booked a room in a new … or newly renovated … boutique hotel called Garlands del Rio. No, we did not pay the “list price”! And fortunately, our earlier reservation was in fact fully refundable. Kudos to Hotels-dot-com (which, in general, I find  offers good deals and good service).

By the way … No, I do not get any sort of “kick-back” from any of these links, nor do I plan to do so. It just seems to me that it will be useful if I build these links into my blog.

The hotel appears to be wonderfully situated.

If you are walking South on the Malecón, it ends at a bridge on to Isla Cuale. This is an island that separates “downtown Puerto Vallarta” from the “Romantic Zone”, which is the oldest part of the town, just south of the island.

“Garlands del Rio” is within a stone’s throw of the Cuale river and five or ten minutes walk to the Malecón. Probably, we can just cross a footbridge and then stroll through Isla Cuale to the waterfront.


A Corner of the River Cafe on Isla Cuale


Here is a link to a web-page describing Isla Cuale.

A Note on the Links in this Blog

I have tested all the links in this blog-post using both my MacBook and my iPad. All the links work. Provided that you use Safari to access the blog, you should find that each link opens in a new tab, which makes it easy to use these links and then to get back to this blog-post. If you access the blog using other browsers or Apps, you may find it a bit trickier to “get back” to my blog after following a link.

Photo Credits

Once we are in Puerto Vallarta, I plan to add to this blog in the usual way “in real time” … mostly using photos that Jana takes. Obviously, the above photos were copied from the internet. I think it worth noting where these photos were copied from …

  • The pool at the Garlands del Rio hotel … from the Hotel’s website.
  • The River Cafe on Isla Cuale … from the Vacation Lovers website.
  • The third photo … from the website of the Posada de Roger hotel.




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