The Main Beach in Sayulita

The Northern point of Banderas Bay is Punta de Mita. This is a luxury resort with several posh hotels and golf courses.


Sayulita lies just 17 kilometers north of Punta de Mita and is on the open Pacific Ocean, not inside Banderas Bay. For this reason, it is a popular surfer hangout, with a small but lively downtown … or perhaps more accurately “down-village”.


A Closer View of the Main Beach

Sayulita has a large expat and “snowbird” population and also manages to continue to be a fishing village. It has not a single large hotel. Jana and I decided that this looks like our kind of place.

I am not sure if the word “snowbird” is used outside the Americas. It refers to US and Canadian residents who head South for the winter months.

We have rented a “casita” on the outskirts of Sayulita for a few days. It looks extremely pretty. I plan to describe it in a separate post, with photos.

“Our” casita is less than a kilometer from the center of Sayulita and it looks as though it will be easy and pleasant to walk into town and back. In fact, one review of the casita specifically recommends having an early dinner in town and then strolling home along the beach at sunset. All of which sounds just about perfect to us.


This is the West Coast. So that is how the sun sets … 😌

Despite being a fairly small place, Sayulita publishes a fun and helpful on-line newsletter, with a mixture of local advertisements and news, called Sayulita Life.

Here is a photo of the “town center”. The caption below this photo was provided by the photographer. I do not think it is meant to be ironic … 😊


Avenida Revolución is the principal avenue in Sayulita

We will be heading to Sayulita after our first few days in Puerto Vallarta. It is only 40 kilometers. Given that we expect to walk everywhere in Sayulita, we plan to travel to Sayulita by taxi or limo instead of renting a car. This lets me postpone driving in Mexico until later in our vacation.

Sayulita holds a farmers market each Friday. Sadly, we will be arriving in Sayulita on Saturday. But we will be returning to this neighborhood a couple of weeks later … 😊


The Photos


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