Casita Salate

A “Casita” is a small self-contained apartment, usually in the same compound as a “Casa” (or “Villa”; I think the words Casa and Villa are interchangeable.)

A Casita might be a free-standing building but, more often, it is a part of the main building. From what I have seen, a Casita nearly always has its own separate entrance.

In Sayulita, Jana & I will be renting Casita Salate for a few days. The location appears to be near-perfect for us. When we are on vacation, we enjoy going for a stroll. We do not much care whether it is along the beach or along back roads.

Casita Salate is located at the North end of Sayulita, a block or two from the beach and just under one kilometer from the town center. When going into town and back, we will have the choice of walking along the local roads or along the beach.


There is a small river (shown on the map) between Casita Salate and the town. My explorations via the internet suggest that the most direct route into town (along “Navarrete” on this map) might involve fording … or leaping across … the river. We shall see. This is what Google Street View shows. Most probably, it all depends on how heavy the recent rains have been … 🙂


(I took this picture using Google Street View inside Google Maps on my MacBook. The Google Street View App works quite differently.)

By now, you have probably realized that I do extensive research before each vacation. (You really do not want to know how extensive that research can be!)

Often, when deciding whether (or not) to rent a place, I find that the photos  provide invaluable information. The website for Casita Salate has dozens of photos, so I was able to “see” what the place really looks like.

It is a strange and beautiful-looking little apartment. There is a great bedroom, with what looks like “French Doors” leading to the patio …



… a wonderful-looking bathroom (with a tiled shower, not shown in this photo) …


…. and  a tiny, slightly crazy, indoor “kitchen with dining-alcove” …


Stove-top on the left. Table in the middle. Sink on the right.

Apart from the bedroom, this dining-alcove is the only sitting-area inside the Casita. But  it it pretty clear that, weather permitting, most dining will be done outside. Right outside those “French Doors” is another dining area.


Yes. Those are the same “French Doors”.


So that is where we will be staying in Sayulita.

The Photos

All photos are from the “Sayulita Life” posting for the Casita.


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