Mountains & Ocean

Puerto Vallarta is squeezed between the Sierra Madre mountains and the Pacific Ocean … and in places, it is a tight squeeze.


Los Muertos Beach, the “Romantic Zone” and Conchas Chinas

A couple of the condominium apartments in Puerto Vallarta have their own tiny, private funiculars to take people up and down … šŸ˜Š


The hills behind Sayulita are not quite as high as those behind Puerto Vallarta … but some of the roads to those hillside-villas are plenty steep.


Sayulita Beach and the Surrounding Hills

When I first started looking for a place to rent in Sayulita, I was attracted to places with a nice view. Jana and I love a good view and we are willing to pay a bit extra for it, either in $$$ or in the climb.

This past February, we rented a place in Saint Martin on a hillside, perchedĀ  High Above the Town of Grand Case. The views were tremendous and we loved every minute. The climb … not so much.

These days, Google Street View (inside Google Maps) is a tremendously useful tool. Even in a small place like Sayulita, I was able to follow narrow twisting roads up the hillsides to some wonderful villas. Then I read several reviews such as this one … “After the first day, we rented a gasoline-powered golf cart to get us back up to the villa. We were told that ordinary, battery powered, carts can not make it up the hill”.

So, in the end, Jana & I decided to rent a place just one (or perhaps two) flattish blocks from the beach, with a beautiful enclosed garden but no view. Which I will describe in the next post.

The Photos

  • Los Muertos Beach is from thisĀ Sheraton website … and the photo is much more impressive when viewed via this link.
  • The funicular is from theĀ Casa De HalapeƱo website.
  • Sayulita beach is from the Luci di Casi Blog. The mainĀ Luci di Casa website offers rental villas in both Italy and Mexico … a bit above our price range.

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