Return to Puerto Vallarta

At the end of our first week in Mexico, we will be climbing once again into a taxi or limo and traveling 60 kilometers back down the coast to Puerto Vallarta, where we have rented an apartment for the next nine days.

The city of Puerto Vallarta stretches for ten kilometers along the shoreline of Banderas Bay. The airport is to the North, sensibly situated on the only bit of flat land that the city possesses. There are hotels big and small all along the city shoreline, but most visitors stay in the southern part of town and we decided to do the same.

One of the most popular … and, it appears, one of the most crowded … beaches in town is “Playa Los Meurtos”. And yes, that does translate as “Beach of the Dead”. This is in the part of town that used to be called simply “Old Town” but which the city now calls “The Romantic Zone”. This is located just South of Isla Cuale, and is also where the mountains really begin to squeeze both roads and buildings up against the shoreline.

We used “vrbo” (Villas for Rent by Owner) to rent this Newly Renovated Condominium just one block from the ocean, situated directly behind Playa Los Muertos.


Playa Los Meurtos also happens to be home to the Blue Chairs resort and nightclub, which advertises itself as “The most popular gay and lesbian beachfront resort in Mexico”. Ah well! We always knew that this vacation was going to be very different from our quiet vacations on Eleuthera … 😂

You can “explore” the apartment for yourself via the link to the vrbo website (in the paragraph above the map). Here, however, are a few photos of  … and from … the apartment. We will finally have a view!


The Windows Slide Open to Show Banderas Bay Over the Rooftops


Here is the Living Room (with the side window above the TV)


The View from the Side Window of the Living Room


The Quite Amazing Rooftop Pool

In my next blog-post, I plan to describe this unusual building in a bit more detail. For the moment, simply note that … as best I can tell … “our” apartment is located underneath the far right corner (in the above photo) of the pool-deck.

All these photos are from the vrbo page for the apartment.



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