Climbing a Mountain

This is Playa Los Muertos with “our” apartment building and  swimming pool (two little turquoise ovals) at the top left corner of the photo … which gives some idea of how steep the terrain is.


The star on this map shows the building’s location. The street called “Amapas” is almost at sea-level. The highway is definitely not!


In the words of the apartment’s owner … “There are two ways to access the condo:

  • from a private (gated pedestrian) entrance on Amapas by walking up a few ramps and two flights of stairs. The beach, restaurants and shops are only steps away from the gate on Amapas.
  • by road at the top of the complex just off the highway at the entrance to Brisas del Mar Hotel (40 pesos/$4 cab ride from the beach and restaurants down the hill).”

The apartment gets wonderful reviews from previous visitors. But many reviews include comments like this: “Fantastic. 4-stars. I would have rated this property a “5” except for one reason. To access the condo from the street you must literally climb a mountain. If you have problems climbing steps and inclines this may not be the property for you.”

I am not sure whether either of these photos (taken using Google Street View) shows “our” apartment building … but they  give a good impression of the “building geography” on Amapas Street and show the bottom of one of those infamous flights of steps. That $4 cab ride is beginning to sound good already … 😃




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