Roberto’s Bungalows

In “English English” (and in India, where it comes from) the word “bungalow” means a small self-contained cottage, usually a single story. In Mexico, they use the word somewhat differently.

Here is a photo of Roberto’s Bungalows.


The building houses four apartments. The most unusual feature of these apartments is that the main “kitchen, living and dining room” is completely open to the courtyard. A door leads “inside” to a bedroom and bathroom.

We will be staying in “Casa Roja” (or “the Red Room”) at the bottom left of the above photo.


Yes, it Really is Red


A Garden Gate Separates our Living Room from the Courtyard


The Fully-Enclosed Courtyard has a Small Pool


They Sure Used a Lot of Red Paint … 😊

All of these photos are from Roberto’s Bungalows own website.





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