San Pancho

Roberto’s Bungalows are in the heart of a little beachfront village that is officially called San Francisco …


But, for reasons that I have not yet discovered, everybody seems to prefer to call the place San Pancho …


San Pancho is another nice-and-sleepy-looking beachfront village …


There are casual restaurants right on the beach …


… and slightly more sophisticated restaurants a couple of blocks from the beach …

La Ola Rica Restaurant on the main street in the village of San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico.

… and, from the top deck, you can probably still watch the waves! … 😊

Once again, Jana & I think that this is just our kind of place to hang out for a few days. For this part of our vacation, we will have a rental car. So, in the very unlikely case that we get bored with San Pancho, we can explore the nearby coastline … or re-visit Sayulita, which is only seven kilometers back down the coast.






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