Casa Tranquila

For our last few days in Mexico, we will be staying at Casa Tranquila in Bucerias, just 18 kilometers North of the airport.

Casa Tranquila (like Roberto’s Bungalows) consists of several small apartments in an enclosed courtyard.


Entrance to …


… the Courtyard

All the apartments are pretty small. We have, I think, chosen the smallest, called “Suzie Wong” mainly because of the sliding screen-door between the air-conditioned bedroom and the non-airconditioned everywhere-else.


Here is the Bedroom with the Sliding Door …


… which leads out to the “just a couch” living room …


… and then out to our own bit of the patio, facing the swimming pool …


… where we plan to just hang out for a while.

Casa Tranquila (on the left in the next photo) is home to the Gringo Bookstore … the simple red building on the right.

Casa Tranquila | Flickr - Photo Sharing! 2015-05-01 06-43-06

The outside of the bookstore may be plain but the inside looks quite magical and appears to act as a general town meeting place and coffee shop.


And if “working” in the courtyard makes us a bit too warm, we can take a dip in the pool … or walk two blocks to the beach … which stretches for several miles in both directions.



  • Photos of the pool and the “inside” of the bookshop are from Traveling Moxburys.
  • All other photos are from Casa Tranquila’s own website.

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