Bucerias is quite a bit larger than either San Pancho or Sayulita. It is also much closer to Puerto Vallarta airport. Hotels, condominiums and villas run from the airport all the way up the coastline, through Neuvo Vallarta to Bucerias and beyond.


The beach itself  is more or less continuous for 20 kilometers. Because Bucerias is inside Banderas Bay, the water is gentler than on the exposed shores of the Pacific … despite the surf in the above photo!


The main North-South highway runs through Bucerias and, in parts of the town, is just a couple of blocks from the beach. Most of the restaurants and holiday accommodation lie in the narrow strip of land between the highway and the beach.


Bucerias holds a Farmer’s Market in town each Sunday …



… and there is a place called Beto’s Mini-Super, which is “famous for its inventory of imported foods that we extranjeros think we can’t live without” …


There is a weekly crafts market with locally-made products …


… and an Art Walk Plaza, which (at least as recently as 2014) hosts a weekly Thursday Night Art Walk.



Internet Links

  • Key-to-Riviera-Nayarit provides a convenient link to local Restaurants, Bistros and Cafes. No reviews, though.
  • The Riviera-Nayarit-Fun website maintains a set of web-pages for seven towns on the Nayarit coast.
  • All-Bucerias-Mexico is the local news site.
  • The Casa-Lucero website is a blog by “Dave” who retired a couple of years ago, built himself a house in Bucerias and kept a detailed blog, mainly about the process of building his house but with lots of general information about Bucerias and Mexico, with lots and lots of photos.

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