Greetings from Mexico

January 13 – 17 … Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita


This is “Gringo Gulch”, approached via an interesting stepped-bridge from the Isla Cuale, where our hotel is located.

Our flight to Puerto Vallarta landed on time on Wednesday and we were in our posh little hotel by mid-afternoon. This is just a first blog to record our arrival and to post a few photos. In fact, right now, we are waking up to our first morning in the little fishing-cum-surfing village of Sayulita, 40 kilometers North of Puerto Vallarta. We took a taxi here yesterday.

We enjoyed our three days in Puerto Vallarta … and we will be back there for a longer stay next week. We spent part of one day exploring “Gringo Gulch” … a pretty … and pretty hilly … part of town with lovely old buildings and great views of rooftops and the water.


The houses in Gringo Gulch vary dramatically in size and in the degree of “poshness”. This is one of the larger and posher ones.


This part of town is high up, almost on a level with the tower of this famous church which is in the middle of Puerto Vallarta … but seems almost within touching distance.


Just another pretty building “up on the hillside”.





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