Casita Salate

Sayulita ~ January 16 – 19

Our little casita here in Sayulita was, if possible, even more beautiful in real life than in the photos. Our bedroom in particular was gorgeous, with a big stained-glass window looking out onto the pool and landscaped garden.





The casita is situated on the ground-floor of a large and unique house actually built around an enormous fig tree. ~ This is the “Salate” tree after which the house was named. Mike, the owner, gave us a guided tour of the house but we did not get any good photos … except of these stairs up to his “first floor”. That is “our” casita tucked away on the left behind the big blue wall.


We enjoyed our few days in Sayulita, strolling into the town center each day. As expected, we did not need a car. And the perfect weather helped. The beach was pretty busy in town but not-so-much up at the North-end where our casita was located. And we were just one “flat” block from the beach. There are indeed lots of hills in and around town.


As you have probably figured out, I am not posting these blogs in chronological order but simply picking nice “moments” from our trip somewhat at random. As I write this, we are sitting in our condo-apartment high above Los Muertos beach in Puerto Vallarta.


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