Flowers and Ironwork

Puerto Vallarta, Boca de Tomatlan & Bucerias ~ January 19 to February 7

My Mexican blog got interrupted by flaky WiFi access. I am now, in fact, back home in Connecticut, where the temperature is a not-so-balmy 7 degrees Fahrenheit. I now plan to resume blogging, retrospectively.

Plants and flowers are everywhere in this part of Mexico and there are lots of attractive ironwork grills, fences, balcony-railings and gates. Here are are few examples.


Going up “Gringo Hill” in Puerto Vallarta.



A cobbled road (most of them are) in downtown Puerto Vallarta.



The entrance gate … and the infamous stairway … at Casa Ventura in Boca de Tomatlan.



A corner of our balcony at Casa Ventura.



A street in Bucerias, near Casa Tranquila where we stayed.



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