Our Apartment in Puerto Vallarta #1

Puerto Vallarta ~ January 20-28

For our main stay in Puerto Vallarta, we rented an apartment in the Old Town, which is also known as the Romantic Zone.

We knew before we went that the apartment is located in a building that is literally built on … and into … a steep hillside but it was impossible to figure out exactly how this worked until we got there.

The apartment-building can be accessed from two roads, one at the bottom of the building and one at the top. My best estimate is that the top entrance is roughly 70 feet above the bottom entrance. The top entrance is also about half-a-kilometer away by road! “Our” apartment was very roughly halfway up. It was also three floors BELOW the pool-deck, which forms the building’s roof.

Here is a shot of the apartment from the “bottom” road, which is called Amapas.


From Amapas, you enter the building through the metal-grill door and then climb a series of ramps and steps until you enter the building itself on the level where you can see a horizontal walkway with an ironwork railing at the top-left of the above photo. “Our” apartment was the corner-window directly above the metal gate and on the same level as the horizontal walkway.

Here is another shot of the apartment. (The sliding corner-window on the left.) As you can see, “there is nothing underneath” … 😳 …


Here is a close-up of the entrance. We never did find “La Casa del tigre” … 😀 …


And here are a few of the steps and ramps that lead up from inside the metal gate to the building’s “real” entrance …




Once again, that is “our” apartment at the top right of this photo. Next, I plan to show you the view from the apartment (which was one of the reasons we chose it).


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