Our Apartment in Puerto Vallarta #2

Puerto Vallarta ~ Jan 20 – 28

The Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta has a limited amount of shoreline. And Mexican zoning laws appear to be almost non-existent. So a lot of the waterfront in this part of town consists of four or five story buildings right on the shoreline.

“Our” apartment was two narrow blocks back from the shore. I chose an apartment that was high enough that we got a good view of the Bay of Banderas. We saw lots of good sunsets (which you will see in some future blog-post) and we looked across a lot of very cluttered roof-tops. But overall, the apartment was a good place to hang out and … apart from the ramps and stairs … a good location.

Most days, para-sailors were out above the waves. Quite often, it appeared that they planned to land on our neighbor’s roof …




Our ocean view was in fact better than it looks in these photos … but a large part of it was blocked by “One Beach Street”, a condominium directly between us and the water.


To the North, we overlooked the enormous bulk of the Hotel Tropicana. This does sit right on the beach and we could have got an ordinary hotel room there for about the same price as “our” apartment. (Probably more for a room with an ocean view.) I think we made the right choice. At the week-end, we watched several cruise ships sail in and out.


To our South (over some very messy rooftops) was the Blue Seas, a popular gay hangout on the Playa Los Muertos.


For some unknown reason, the top deck of the Blue Seas carries an illuminated statue that appears to be a blue knock-off of the Statue of liberty.


We seem to have only one “usable” shot of the interior of the apartment, showing me and my MacBook.



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