Our Apartment in Puerto Vallarta #3

Puerto Vallarta ~ January 20 – 28

Just for the record, “our” apartment in Puerto Vallarta was in a building called “Condominios Brisas del Mar 2”. If you are interested in seeing where it is, just find Puerto Vallarta in Google Maps and then enter the above name. Google Maps will then pinpoint where you enter the building from the upper road, just off Route 200. Here is a photo of this upper entrance. This photo is “borrowed” from Google Maps.


Our apartment was on the “bottom floor” of the building, despite the fact that it hangs 40 feet in the air (above the street called “Amapas”). Above our apartment were two more floors of apartments and then, right on top, was the pool deck.

Here is a photograph of the pool, taken early one evening.


The pool-deck, being three floors above our apartment, has better views. Here is the view looking North along “Amapas”, towards the center of Puerto Vallarta. The large building on the left of the photo is the Hotel Tropicana.


Here is the same view, taken early one morning.


Here is a view from the South-West corner of the pool deck, looking towards Conchas Chinas and the Southern part of Banderas Bay. A new building is going up right alongside “our” building.


This new building will not block the view from the apartments in “our” building … but the poor people in the building next door have most definitely lost any ocean view they had from their swimming pool as well as from the apartments on lower floors. This is just one example of how new buildings go up in Mexico. Yes, the new building really is as close as it looks in the photo and it goes straight up. No “set-backs” here.


The main entrance to “our” building (the one that you approach from Route 200) is on the same level as the pool deck. On several occasions, especially when we were carrying provisions, we got a taxi up the hill to this upper entrance. To get to the apartment, we then crossed the pool deck, took the steps down a “light well” and walked three floors down through a series of subterranean-looking corridors and steps. So we got lots of exercise, regardless of which entrance we used … 😊


In most of these apartments, including ours, the bedroom window looks out into one of these corridors,  as you can see here.




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