Riding the Púlpito Funicular

Puerto Vallarta ~ January 20 – 28

When the roads in downtown Puerto Vallarta find a particularly steep bit of hillside, the town planners have a simple solution. The steep bit of road is replaced with a stairway.

One example is the road called “Púlpito”. This runs inland from the shore for two blocks and then encounters a steep bit of hill. At which point, there is a long and steep set of stairs before the road resumes at the top of the stairs.

But, unlike most, this particular set of stairs is accompanied by a little funicular. I think the funicular is probably owned and operated by the big condominium at the top of the stairs but it is free and open to the public. We considered renting an apartment up in that top-of-the-hill neighborhood but decided that we did not want to climb those stairs every time we went to town and back. If we return to Puerto Vallarta, we will know that climbing these particular stairs is optional … so long as the funicular keeps running … 😊


That is Púlpito (with all the parked cars) running down to the shore.


The cross-street at the foot of the stairs is “Olas Atlas” and yes, it is as steep as it looks!


See. Even the people cannot stand upright! 😀😳😀


And some people just like to keep fit.


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