Boca de Tomatlan

Boca de Tomatlan ~ January 29 to February 1

[It has been a month since I wrote the previous blog-post. The reason is simple. I am writing these notes back home in Connecticut. Jana & I are planning a short trip to England in May and planning for this next trip took precedence. So, to continue these notes about our Mexican trip …]

After our “long week” (nine nights) in Puerto Vallarta, we rented a car and headed down the coast to Boca de Tomatlan. This village occupies a tiny but bustling estuary, packed with water taxis that take people further down the coast to villages, restaurants and individual villas that can be reached only by water. The main road, heading South from Puerto Vallarta, turns inland at Boca de Tomatlan and heads across the mountains. This photo shows a few of the water-taxis, with beach umbrellas in the background, on the other side of the river.


Several beach restaurants occupy much of the waterfront. We liked “Bar Mi Ranchito” and enjoyed several freshly-made seafood lunches there. Our favorite dish was the “Order of Fish”, fried with garlic and a spicy red sauce.


From our table, while waiting for our fish to be cooked, we could watch the water taxis coming round the headland into the bay.


A fair-sized river (shallow in the dry season) comes down from the mountains and cuts the little town in two.


Our villa was on the far side of the river, perched quite a way up the steep hillside. Yes, the building is as “air conditioned” as it looks.


There are no roads on the far side of the river. To get to our villa, we had to cross a concrete footbridge and then take a narrow, twisting footpath up the hillside.




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