San Pancho

San Pancho ~ February 2 to 6

Just a couple of kilometers north of Sayulita is another little fishing-village turned tourist attraction and expat hangout. Officially, it is named San Francisco but everyone calls it San Pancho. Sayulita is small but San Pancho is tiny.


So, after four nights in Boca de Tomatlan, we got back in the car and drove all the way North (a total distance of about 70 kilometers) to San Pancho. You might wonder why we ended up driving back and forth along the coast. This was simply because it was quite difficult to piece together all the places where we wanted to stay, even though I made our reservations for this trip almost a year in advance. It seems that people book quite a few of the best places in and around Puerto Vallarta from one year to the next. And, in any case, it is a pretty coastline and a drive of 70 kilometers is not too tough. The main road is in remarkably good shape. In places, however, it does have some quite amazing speed-bumps.

San Pancho is a great little place. Despite being so small, it has at least three or four really good restaurants. Our favorite was La Ola Rica. Great seafood. Wonderful service.


La Ola Rica (like most other restaurants in town) is right on the town’s one-and-only main street. Here is the main street early one morning.


As soon as it is dark, most of the traffic stops, the restaurant-tables spread out into the street and everyone relaxes (even more) and enjoys a good meal and several good drinks.


The architecture of this tiny little town is quite delightful.



And these places in the photo below, would you believe, are “Bungalows for Rent” … 😀 …



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