Bucerias ~ February 7 to 10

I started planning this Mexican vacation early in 2015. I expected that I would have no trouble finding available dates in our “top choices” of places where we wanted to stay. But it turned out to be much more difficult than I expected. Admittedly, we were planning to go there at the peak season. We wanted to explore as much as we could of the coastline within easy driving distance of Puerto Vallarta, staying in several different places up and down the coast. In the end, it took quite a bit of juggling before we found six places where we wanted to stay that had available dates which meshed to create an interesting four-week vacation.

Bucerias is just 18 kilometers North of Puerto Vallarta Airport and was one of the first places that we “explored” via the internet. In the end, however, it turned out to be the last place where we stayed before getting a taxi to Puerto Vallarta airport for the trip home.

It was about a kilometer from Casa Tranquila, where we stayed, to the “other end of town”. Most of the way, the road was lined with flowers, interspersed with major building sites between the road and the beach.


As elsewhere on this trip, we found lots of sculpture and architectural decoration with a great sense of humor.


You can walk along the beach for kilometers and can see even further. From Bucerias, deep inside Banderas Bay, you can see most of the bay. On most days, we could see Punta de Mita, which forms the Northern point of the bay and, if the visibility was good, we could see quite a way South, perhaps to Boca de Tomatlan and beyond, although it was hard to tell.


There are several restaurants on the beach and the people who run Casa Tranquila recommended Adauto’s. You get the choice of dining on the beach itself or, just slightly removed, in the main dining room.


Once again, we found that we liked a restaurant so much that we went there twice during the four days we spent here.


Or perhaps we just went back because of the margaritas …


On our first day in Bucerias (before we “found” Adauto’s) we had lunch at Sandrina’s and it was one of the few really bad meals of our trip. No wonder I look so glum … 😕


Bucerias was convenient. In addition to being just a short taxi ride to the airport, it is also the home base of Gecko Car Rental, so we were able to drop off our rental car soon after we checked in to Casa Tranquila. But Bucerias was the least interesting of the four small townships where we stayed. (Sayulita, Boca de Tomatlan, San Pancho and Bucerias.) If we visit Banderas Bay again, I think we will most likely skip Bucerias.


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