Greetings from Guadeloupe

sam_3241January 13, 2017

Today is Friday, the 13th. Jana & Steve are in the Caribbean again!

We arrived here in Guadeloupe a couple of days ago. Guadeloupe consists of about half-a-dozen islands. Opinion varies as to the exact number! Today, we are taking a one-hour fast-ferry ride to the island of Marie Galante, where we are staying for the next week.

Right now, we are staying in the township of Le Gosier. It is quite close to both the airport and the ferry terminal, which is the main reason we chose to stay here for our first two nights in Guadeloupe.

Le Gosier turns out to be a very pretty little town, with its own waterfront park and small-ferry dock.


The local “small-ferry” takes visitors out to “Gosier Islet”. A local guide says “if you are brave enough, you can swim out there. This photo was taken from the balcony of the Auberge.


The Airbnb apartment we are renting is in the grounds of a 4-star Auberge, so we have enjoyed our short stay here.


Last night, we had a drink in the Auberge bar and watched a spectacular sunset behind the high volcanic mountains on the “next-door” island; this is called Basse-Terre and is where we will be staying when we return from Marie Galante.


I am still experimenting with the best way to write these blog-posts. I plan to write several “partial” blog-posts over the next few days and will then fill-in each blog-post over the coming days, as we move photos from our various toys to the “big computer” where I write these notes.




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