La Rose du Brésil

January 13 – 20, 2017

We are staying for a week on Marie Galante at “La Rose du Brésil”. The place consists of eight or ten little garden apartments, set in a semi-tropical garden with a swimming pool. It is located five minutes drive from Capesterre and one minute less than that from Feuillere beach.

Even though “La Rose” has less than a dozen units, you can choose a Chambre, a Bungalow, a Suite Junior, a Suite Superior or a Villa. The “La Rose” website does provide a pretty good description of the place, complete with a plan of all the buildings. After a great deal of thinking, we decided to book the “Suite Supérieure Junior Havana”. Now that we are here (and have in fact been here for a few days), we are very pleased with our choice. Perhaps we will provide a fuller description of our suite in a future blog.


Everyone seems to agree that Feuillere Beach is one of the top three beaches on Marie-Galante. The beach, almost a mile long with palm trees its whole length, compares well to several other “best beaches” we have enjoyed throughout the Caribbean. We walked it for the first time at 8am on January 15 and I am writing these notes just a couple of hours later. Today is Sunday, so we expect that it will get somewhat busier later in the day. There were only a dozen people on the mile-long beach at 8am. But Marie-Galante is a very quiet sort of place. Just perfect for “doing nothing” … 😃





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