Black Sand, Rough Water

Tuesday, Jan 31 ~ Pointe des Châteaux

Update! I know that I have a vast number of readers who hang on my every word and demand perfect accuracy. So I must report that I confused two beaches and the above caption is incorrect. The rocks at Pointe des Châteaux are indeed black but the sand is white. I mixed up photos from two beaches. So I have deleted the “black-sand beach” from the photos below … 🤓

The South-East tip of Guadeloupe stretches way out into the Atlantic, ending in a rocky hill that is called, I have no idea why, “Pointe des Châteaux”. Surely, nobody built a bunch of chateaux out here. And, despite the rough water, the other visitors enjoy taking a “plonge”. In fact, there is even a small cafe which immerses its (metal) chairs and tables so that you can sit at the cafe table up to your butt in sea-water. When we visited, the chairs were all unoccupied … 😳. We did make it to the cross on the top of the hill. Nice views. And yes, it poured with rain both before and after we climbed the hill. So far, we have not got ourselves soaked … 😃








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