Le Gosier

Thursday, Jan 12

WiFi was spotty throughout our stay on Guadeloupe. In most places, we had some access to WiFi but it would fade out or stop completely with annoying frequency. Mostly, it was simply unpredictable. So I did not write as many blog-posts as I wanted to. We are now back home and I am going through our photos to select a few that I have not yet posted. I now plan to write some “retro” posts, using these photos.

Le Gosier is just a short cab-ride both from the airport and to the ferry-terminal where we caught the boat to Marie-Galante, so it was a very convenient place to change into tropical clothes and catch our breath before catching the ferry.

Our apartment in Le Gosier was very comfortable (apart perhaps from the ultra-hard bed) and was in fact one of the few places with consistently-working WiFi.


The center of Le Gosier is called La Datcha. From the dock there, you can catch a little ferry to Îlet du Gosier, where you can hang out on the beach for the day. Alongside the dock is a pretty impressive in-the-sea swimming pool where the local school was teaching the kids to swim. Le Gosier does not have the feel of being a “tourist place” but is a very pleasant seaside spot with several “town beaches”.




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