Le Gosier

Thursday, Jan 12 WiFi was spotty throughout our stay on Guadeloupe. In most places, we had some access to WiFi but it would fade out or stop completely with annoying frequency. Mostly, it was simply unpredictable. So I did not write as many blog-posts as I wanted to. We are now back home and I…

The Food Market

On Saturdays, the Marigot market expands into a food market, with very fresh meat and seafood on sale … but you must get there very early to find the best selection.

Marigot Market

The Marigot waterfront is home to a bustling and colorful market. You can buy clothes, bags and hats in every bright color imaginable. Steve bought himself a bag … 🙂

We Visit the Butterfly Farm

There is a Butterfly Farm on one of the roads down to Orient Beach. We visited it the last time we were here and decided to do so again. The farm is a family-run place and is quite delightful. The place seems to get destroyed by hurricanes quite frequently … most recently by Hurricane Gonzalo…

A Creole Lunch in Baie Nettlé

Marigot Bay is huge. It is so big that specific parts of the bay have different names. The center bit, where our apartment is located, is Marigot Bay proper. On Thursday, we drove West over the bridge that allows boats to enter Simpson Bay Lagoon “from the ocean” … or should that read “from the…